LC Ants MagPort™ Technology

The most versatile connection system ever!

Over the years various manufacturers have utilised an array of connection methods, however, the majority rely upon cumbersome lengths of tubing and have no versatility. For this reason we have designed and produced the MagPort system. Our system utilises high quality N52 Grade magnets in order to make expansion simple and easy. All you have to do is to snap together the connectors.


The MagPort System allows a multitude of connectivity options, for example:

You can connect your founding colony in a test tube directly to the nest with a simple snap action.

If you want to attach a water source for your ants to drink from, simply snap together the water reservoir attachment.

If you want to attach a new expansion nest, simply align the ports and they will snap together.


There has been no simpler way of connecting together your ant keeping accessories. This system can totally eliminate the need to run pieces of tubing, however the MagPorts are designed in such a way that they are still backwards compatible with our old connectors. If you prefer the traditional tubing method, don’t worry as the ports include an insert to attach your tubing!

Many nests show significant weakness around the connectors, which opens up the possibility of your ants escaping. Our MagPorts eliminate the risk of escaping ants. Our new range of acrylic nests feature the World’s First Guaranteed Solenopsis Proof design, fitted with MagPorts.